I have been making pictures for years,I gained a Licentiate with the Royal Photographic Society in 1986. Went on to gain Associateship in 2009.In November 2014 I was enrolled as an Associate
of the Irish Photographic Federation.I have (last count ) 277 Acceptance's in International
exhibitions.One of my images won Gold in Germany , and in 2014 I won Gold in Serbia and Ireland
for my image Venetian Sunrise .Just this January I was published again in the USA magazine Black
and white (image called Tracks)

Other highlights in my Photography

[My image named Ring got people's choice award
and published in Black & White Magazine USA 2013]
[Also Ring Is accepted in Royal Photographic Screen international Exibition ]

[Image By Hook & Passage wins gold medal in German Circit 2013 ]

[Image Broken Wall gets FIAP ribbon in INDIA International Salon ]

[Meeting Michael Kenna at his homecoming exhibition at the Brindley in Runcorn UK
a Photographer that can be truly called an Artist ( a word that is lightly used nowadays) ]

All the Images in this site have been Giclee printed, before they were uploaded.
I have to be satisfied they are good enough to stand-alone as a print, and then I consider them
a photograph, that one can hold in their hand or hang on a wall.